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'''Poi Dog Pondering''' is an American musical group, noted for its cross-pollination of diverse musical genres, including various forms of acoustic and electronic music. Founded in Hawaii in 1984 by Frank Orrall, initially as a solo project. In 1985 Orrall formed the first line-up of PDP to perform its first concert; at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. The band then embarked on a yearlong Street Performance Busking tour across North America, eventually settling in Austin, Texas in 1987, where they recorded their first three albums. In 1992, the band relocated, this time to Chicago, Illinois, where they began to incorporate Orchestral arrangements & elements of Electronic, House Music and Soul music into their Acoustic Rock style. The membership of Poi Dog Pondering has changed from album to album.
Alias| origin = Hawaii
Austin, Texas
Chicago, Illinois
GenreAlternative rock
Years active1984–present
LabelPlatetectonic Music
Associated actsSusan Voelz
Abra Moore
Website[ Official site]
Current membersFrank Orrall
John Nelson
Ted Cho
Dave Max Crawford
Susan Voelz
Kornell Hargrove
Dag Juhlin
Ron Hall
Rick Geherenbeck
Charlette Wortham
Robert Cornelius
Carla Prather
Ryan Murphy
Past members| notable_instruments =
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